First book available now: Rough Trade (erotic m/m short story)

So, I hit save and publish and now my first self-published short story is available. At the moment only on Amazon but I’m working on getting it up elsewhere too.

I’m somehow torn between nervous and excited. It’s a very different feeling to sending stories off to a publisher or even to knowing that a story has been accepted for an anthology and will be available in print soon. Though holding a book with ones writing in hand is always nice.

Anyway, I think part of the difference is, that with this it’s all me. I not only wrote the story but also searched for editors to work with (and finding editors for erotica isn’t that easy). And then created the cover image.

I have to admit I really love my cover and am thinking about printing it out and putting it up on the wall. Hopefully potential reader will also like it and be enticed to buy the book.


The hooker looks like rough trade, but dealing with someone like that is nothing new for Detective Derrick McKane. He just knows how to put a hot piece of ass like that one into his place. And he enjoys doing it. But the hooker has a surprise or two up his sleeve.

Story contains: prositution, spanking, rough oral and anal sex, mild BDSM

m/m erotic short story of 6.160 words


Derrick knew the hustler was rough trade the moment he saw him. As a detective, he had dealt with his share of hustlers and hookers often enough—from the lost children looking for affection and a home, to the jaded women and men working the streets, all the way to the high-priced, sometimes influential—escorts to know what was what.

The hooker was tall and lean. Maybe a few inches taller than Derrick, who wasn’t exactly a small man himself. Tight green t-shirt, worn jeans, and boots. A tattoo on his right arm, disappearing into the sleeve of his shirt. Tough-boy image.

The way he was leaning against the wall showed off the long line of his body; the tight jeans and even tighter t-shirt did nothing to hide his muscular physique. Derrick tapped the steering wheel while he studied the man and imagined those long legs wrapped around his hips while he pounded the hooker’s ass. His cock twitched and hardened with interest. Yeah, getting a piece of that might make this miserable day a bit better.

This one might be selling himself on a street corner, but probably more out of choice than out of necessity. With his looks, he could easily work the tourist hotels or cater to affluent businessmen and women. Yet here he was, offering himself up on a street-corner; and as alluringly as he’d positioned himself, there was still an edge to him, a threat of danger and aggression that was an obvious challenge to some and a warning to others.

Not many men would take him up on what he had to offer, though some would view him as a challenge and a good excuse to work off some aggression. Derrick wondered if that was what the hooker was really after. Someone to rough him up a bit, maybe take him down a notch, force him to submit. He’d seen stranger things.

Growing up on the streets and then working those same streets as a cop and now as a detective had taught Derrick how to out-tough even the toughest guys. He also had the build for it. Whereas the hooker had the slim build of a long-distance runner or a swimmer, Derrick was broader and heavier. There wasn’t much that could successfully intimidate him—aside from his three younger sisters—especially not some trashy piece of ass.

Derrick stopped the car and took a moment longer to appreciate the sight. Yeah, he really wouldn’t mind seeing that one on his knees with his mouth wrapped around Derrick’s cock.

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First steps in publishing

I’ve thought about how to name this entry and finally settled on first steps, because I’m getting ready to do my first steps into the world of self-publishing. I was thinking about calling it ‘experiment in publishing’, but this is not really an experiment. Or maybe it is, but one I take rather seriously and try to approach relatively professionally.

There’s still a number of things on my to-do list that I need to tackle before publication and I plan to get to most of them today. One of those is ‘setting up a website/blog’ and another ‘write the first entry’. If you can read this, then I successfully managed to cross both of my list.

So, this will be the first entry on my squeaky new blog.

The plan is to publish my first short-story “Rough Trade” this week.

The story is already back from the copy-editor and I’ve done the revision and included the comments and suggested changes from the editor. Now comes formatting and the cover design. Knowing myself I’ll probably spend hours fiddling with the cover just to stop myself from fiddling with the story.

I think hitting publish will be one of those mile-stones and be a momentous occasion for me. Somehow it always is when I send something out into the world, even if it’s only a blog-post.

Exciting times lie ahead and I’m sure this will be a fascinating journey with hopefully many interesting and fun stories.