First steps in publishing

I’ve thought about how to name this entry and finally settled on first steps, because I’m getting ready to do my first steps into the world of self-publishing. I was thinking about calling it ‘experiment in publishing’, but this is not really an experiment. Or maybe it is, but one I take rather seriously and try to approach relatively professionally.

There’s still a number of things on my to-do list that I need to tackle before publication and I plan to get to most of them today. One of those is ‘setting up a website/blog’ and another ‘write the first entry’. If you can read this, then I successfully managed to cross both of my list.

So, this will be the first entry on my squeaky new blog.

The plan is to publish my first short-story “Rough Trade” this week.

The story is already back from the copy-editor and I’ve done the revision and included the comments and suggested changes from the editor. Now comes formatting and the cover design. Knowing myself I’ll probably spend hours fiddling with the cover just to stop myself from fiddling with the story.

I think hitting publish will be one of those mile-stones and be a momentous occasion for me. Somehow it always is when I send something out into the world, even if it’s only a blog-post.

Exciting times lie ahead and I’m sure this will be a fascinating journey with hopefully many interesting and fun stories.

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  1. I like this post (because I am at the start of doing something similar).

    I was inspired to get back into writing, after following how the publishing industry has gone through a revolution, due to self-publishing and ebooks.

    I plan on self-publishing some work in the future too. Are you going to upload your short story onto Amazon?

    • Thank you for your comment. Always great to meet fellow self-publishers :-).

      I’ve lately gotten back into writing. I used to write a lot but then work got in the way. I find the developments of the publishing industry fascinating, especially the chances self-publishing now offers to writers, especially to short-story writers.

      Yes, I’ll publish the short story on with KPD on Amazon and probably also with Smashwords and maybe a few others.

      It’s all so exciting but also a bit daunting :-D.

      • You should also consider Wattpad, (although they tend to cater mostly to the YA market).

        They are the next big website that publishers check for new talent (kind of like the Youtube for ebooks, instead of home videos).

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