A little herald of spring


Took this picture on Sunday morning. It was a lovely day and while there was still some snow on the ground it was sunny and the sky was clear and bright blue. I’d really hoped that it would stay that way for the next few days (or even weeks), instead it started snowing late a night and it kept on snowing all Monday, although it first was some weird snowy rain or rainy snow. But by Monday evening everything was white again and it doesn’t really look as if it’s melting any time soon.

I think this winter we’ve had more snow than in the last five years combined. Usually we get maybe 5 cm of snow for a handful of days and that’s it. Friends who like to go skiing are really happy about all that snow, me, not so much. I would rather have spring. I’m usually done with winter after Christmas. For all I care once Christmas is over, spring could start. Actually I would love a year that is nine months of spring, one month of mild summer, one month mild autumn, and one month of winter. That sounds like the perfect distribution of seasons to me. Yes, spring is my favorite season. How did you guess?

Really, I’m so so ready for spring.

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