Boylesque or Welcome to Burlesque

I like Burlesque. It’s something I find very fascinating and very entrancing, partially also because it’s such a creative combination of numerous different things. The creativity alone that goes into some of the costumes and shows is impressive. And then there’s the music and the dancing.

I think the thing I like most is the healthy dash of humor a lot of burlesque comes with and the fact that the women don’t fit the current stereotype of what a female strip-dancers have to look like. Quite often they are plus-size or let’s say curvy and beautiful, much better than this weird plus-size.

Anyway, the lack of big and beautiful was actually one of my few quibbles with the Burlesque-movie. Most of the dancers in the movie are Hollywood-standard thin. The music though is awesome, especially Cher and her Welcome to Burlesque.

I’ve also always been a fan of Cabaret with Lizza Minelli and Michael York. Which is more cabaret than burlesque since no-one strips, but it goes in the same direction, or rather the cabaret-shows of the 20s are probably one of the roots of modern burlesque. And again, great music.

Anyway, thinking about burlesque made me wonder if there also exists burlesque danced by men, because just the idea is interesting and erotic, far more so than the shows that modern strippers offer. Sorry, but I find a lot of those shows either boring or rather off-putting than erotic.

But, getting back to burlesque. I went looking and I was successful. Yes, there exists burlesque danced by men and it’s amazing. Some is of men in drag doing amazing shows and others are like the ones that I’ve embedded at the end of this entry. Can I say here, that I now really want to see Ray Gunn live, because rawr, those muscles and the sheer acrobatic skill of that man is awesome, in addition to everything else?

Jett Adore though has given me a new appreciation for Zorro. It’s the cape. It’s definitely the cape.

Of course now I’m thinking about writing some m/m romance involving male burlesque. It’s not as if I need yet another research intensive story. Alternatively, there’s the idea of writing a m/m romance that deals with the cabaret in the early late 20s/early 30s in Berlin, in that time where the Weimar Republic was in its death-throws and it was all anarchy and before the Nazis got into power. But, see above about research intensive.

I will leave you with some interesting videos while I try very hard to not think about potential plots.

Ray Gunn

Jett Adore (I do, I really do)

Here, have another one with Ray Gunn.


Just signed up for: Blog-Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

So I just signed up for the blog-hop against homophobia and transphobia.

Blog-Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Part of the blog-hop is a give-away and I’m already thinking about what to offer. I want to give away more than just a copy of my book (or books).

I already have a few idea, like a hand-bound book in rainbow colors or a piece of jewelry. Maybe hand-knitted socks? I wonder if rainbow-colored sock-yarn is available.

Of course with a physical give-away the ones signing up for that would have to be willing to give me their address. I can understand why some people would have a problem or concerns  with that.

Now, in my day-job I already work as a freelancer and have a very strict codex when it comes to customer or supplier data and confidentiality, and I would treat all information like a personal address the same way. I don’t even give out the telephone number or email-address of a friend without checking with them first if that’s okay.

Maybe I’ll do two giveaways. One digital and one for a physical item. So people can pick which one they would like to enter.

So, keep an eye on this place come May for the blog-hop plus give-away and if you have any comments or suggestions concerning the give-away, let me know in the comments.

Just where did January disappear to?

Where did January go? No, really. How can it already be almost the middle of February?

I feel like re-starting the year. Just turn the clocks back a month and start again with January so that I can tackle all the things I wanted to tackle in January. I think I spend most of January being ill and battling health issues. The awful weather didn’t help either: snow, more snow, fog, grey, rain, more rain and guess what, snow an rain and rainy snow. I’m so ready for spring.

One of the side-effects—advantages?—of being ill was that I ended up reading a lot. Writing was difficult (just not enough energy for everything), even though I worked on a few ideas but reading was easy and I read more books within two weeks than I’d previously managed which was good in some way, not so good on the productivity front.

But now I’m feeling much better and the energy-levels are rising again so it’s time to crack down on a few projects. I made the mistake(?) of looking at a few open calls and some of them really resonated strongly with me, especially the ones from StormMoonPress.

So, now I’m busy with working on a novelette that needs to be finished by the end of February. *Cue imminent panic now.*

Despite the looming deadline I’m having fun and of course the old problem occurs where while I’m writing I’m getting more and more ideas and it’s really tough to ignore “the shiny”.

The shiny here being all those new ideas I want to play with. Right now I’m just writing the ideas down and trying really hard to focus on the currently active projects. Aside from the novelette I’m also working on a BDSM-novel that was supposed to be only a short-story and has turned into a novel by now. And a few short-stories. Right now I really like writing short-stories, there’s something very satisfying about the format.

Now, back to the grindstone. Still have to meet my planned daily word-count.