Just where did January disappear to?

Where did January go? No, really. How can it already be almost the middle of February?

I feel like re-starting the year. Just turn the clocks back a month and start again with January so that I can tackle all the things I wanted to tackle in January. I think I spend most of January being ill and battling health issues. The awful weather didn’t help either: snow, more snow, fog, grey, rain, more rain and guess what, snow an rain and rainy snow. I’m so ready for spring.

One of the side-effects—advantages?—of being ill was that I ended up reading a lot. Writing was difficult (just not enough energy for everything), even though I worked on a few ideas but reading was easy and I read more books within two weeks than I’d previously managed which was good in some way, not so good on the productivity front.

But now I’m feeling much better and the energy-levels are rising again so it’s time to crack down on a few projects. I made the mistake(?) of looking at a few open calls and some of them really resonated strongly with me, especially the ones from StormMoonPress.

So, now I’m busy with working on a novelette that needs to be finished by the end of February. *Cue imminent panic now.*

Despite the looming deadline I’m having fun and of course the old problem occurs where while I’m writing I’m getting more and more ideas and it’s really tough to ignore “the shiny”.

The shiny here being all those new ideas I want to play with. Right now I’m just writing the ideas down and trying really hard to focus on the currently active projects. Aside from the novelette I’m also working on a BDSM-novel that was supposed to be only a short-story and has turned into a novel by now. And a few short-stories. Right now I really like writing short-stories, there’s something very satisfying about the format.

Now, back to the grindstone. Still have to meet my planned daily word-count.